How to create Chat Commands on Facebook Gaming
How to create Chat Commands on Facebook Gaming

Live streaming can get overwhelming, with a lot happening in-game and in chat you might need the helping hand of a chat command! Chat commands allow for a quick response to questions from your viewers and are a tool that can be used by the viewers, your moderators or even yourself. To enable chat commands, open Facebook Creator Studio, click on the Creative Tools menu tab, then the Live Dashboard in the dropdown. Inside Live Dashboard, open the Tools and Settings menu, then select the Chatbot option in the dropdown.

The Chatbot is the profile in chat that will send responses to your commands, you can change its name and profile picture to suit your brand. Set the Chatbot status to chat commands, the options for setting your commands can be located below. Once enabled, there are several categories of chat commands that can be used in a variety of ways:

Creative Tools > Tools and Settings > Chatbot

Default chat commands

Chat commands are often used to cover basic questions or simple insights your viewers may be interested in. Every command can be turned on or off in the chat command settings. Some Facebook default commands include:

Platform commands – Universal chat commands enabled by default

Custom chat commands

You have the option to upload your own chat commands, which can be programmed to send a text response in your chat. You can upload any command that suits your stream, as long as it is lowercase text and begins with an exclamation mark! Some ideas of custom commands include:

Chat commands – A set of standard commands viewers can use

Timed commands

Timed commands are predetermined rather than prompted. They are all custom uploaded and can all be set to send at specific time intervals of your stream. You can have as many as you like, whenever you like, as long as they are greater than 5 minutes apart and are no earlier than 5 minutes into the stream. You can set commands for polls, updating new viewers, or anything else you want your viewers to know! Some ideas include:

Custom Chat Commands – Chatbot name and commands (these must follow Facebook Community Standards)

All commands and command settings are available in your Live Dashboard, located in the menu tabs of Facebook Creator Studio. Good luck and happy streaming!