Fitness in Gaming - Event activation

“The #FitToGame event was none other than a brilliant success!

To be able to bring gamers and the gym together to raise awareness of the benefits of health and fitness was simply phenomenal and executed perfectly!

A true testament to the community the team have created.

We are looking forward to being part of this event this year😊🙌🎉

Vee Cipriani – Snap Fitness Club Manager


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Registered Attendees

Introduction created a brand new Gaming and Fitness Crossover event at PAX AUS to align both usually separate industries, into a successful multi-day event supported by Snap Fitness, The Man Shake, Musashi, Pitviper and Benq. 

Running over 3 days alongside Pax Australia 2023, the event saw the usage of Snap Fitness Southbank (a 5min walk from the main PAX AUS location) alongside multiple personal trainers, nutritionists, brands, and gamers across all walks of their fitness journeys.

The Challenge

Gaming and Fitness have traditionally been ‘separate’ areas; the typical image of a bulky bodybuilder and a lanky glasses nerd is generally portrayed in old-school media.

The crossover has overlapped over the last few years, with both video games and gyms becoming increasingly common.

The Solution identified an opening in the gaming and fitness industries and created an in-person gym event for gamers around Australia’s biggest gaming event, Pax Australia. The event had 50+ Gamers sign up on the announcement, immediately showing the demand for such an event. 

Our partnered brands saw success with membership sign-ups and purchase of products, and all expressed their interest in another gaming and fitness crossover event in 2024.

If your brand is in the gaming or fitness industry, we’d love to hear from you and how we could invite you into some exciting new opportunities in the future with #FitToGame

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