Bethesda – RAGE2 Event created this campaign to bring this title to the forefront of our core gaming audience for RAGE, but also for the casual gamer.

Distant Worlds: Music from FINAL FANTASY (Melbourne) tickets on sale!

Video game music is totally a thing. If you haven’t seen it performed live before, you have to get on it ASAP. Let’s learn more about Distant Worlds: Melbourne! What is Distant Worlds? Distant Worlds has actually been around for a number of years now (over a decade). The concert series focuses entirely on Final […]

New Zealand celebrities squad up in Fortnite with The Night Squad!

The Night Squad! Sports stars, comedians, musicians and TV personalities will “squad up” each week in the popular video game, Fortnite. The show will be titled “The Night Squad” and will be hosted by kiwi gaming personality Amy Potter. Amy Potter is a seasoned game reviewer, host and content creator in the gaming industry. Amy has […]

It’s Game Time at Hoyts with the Gfinity Elite Series!

Gfinity Elite Series The Gfinity Elite Series launches June 2-3 and Hoyts has just released their tickets for the event. The event will take place weekly, over seven weeks. This will become Australia’s first dedicated eSports arena at HOYTS Entertainment Quarter. Tickets will cost $20 and will be available to watch across a selection of LUX […]