It’s Game Time at Hoyts with the Gfinity Elite Series!

Gfinity Elite Series

The Gfinity Elite Series launches June 2-3 and Hoyts has just released their tickets for the event. The event will take place weekly, over seven weeks. This will become Australia’s first dedicated eSports arena at HOYTS Entertainment Quarter. Tickets will cost $20 and will be available to watch across a selection of LUX Cinemas around Australia. (Check the official HOYTS website for details on ticket purchases)

The dedicated eSports arena will boast state of the art gaming equipment alongside a full broadcast and production suite, all designed to attract the growing number of professional events that will be coming to Australia. This will also be the standout destination for eSports fans to enjoy top class action all year round.

If attending, you will see a variety of Aussie Competitors such as Melbourne Avant Gaming, Sydney Chiefs, Perth Ground Zero, Sydney Roar and Brisbane Deceptors compete across three games – Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.

Competition Format

The teams competing will play for 5 weeks in a round-robin format. At the end of the League Play, the Top 4 Club from each of the game titles will move on to the next stage, with 2 teams not continuing in that title.  Following the 5 weeks of round robin League play, the top teams will go into the Playoffs. The Playoffs will be single elimination games for a spot in the Finals.
Gfinity Elite Series Format

Prize Pool

The teams will be competing for more than just a title. The 2018 Gfinity eSports Australia prize pool will be a whopping $450,000. The Elite Series prize pool will be broken down across 2 seasons, at $225,000 per season, with a split across each game title and overall club championship. Prize Pool - Gfinity

How to catch the series online

Every week, Gfinity eSports will feature the upcoming match’s with previous results, news and recaps.
From June 2nd, you can watch the series live on Twitch at
Gfinity Broadcast
If you have some questions about the event such as how long the sessions will go for and age restrictions on events and alcohol. Check out the FAQ for all your questions being answered.
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