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Gfinity Sets Forward Plans for Dedicated Esports Arenas in Sydney

Set to be the league that wants to be the Big Bash of professional video gaming, Gfinity Esports Australia has announced a partnership with Hoyts to bring state of the art esports arenas to existing cinemas, initially being launched in Sydney’s Moore Park.

The arena will host the first of its kind Gfinity Elite Series across seven weeks in three disciplines, with the games of choice being CSGO, Street Fighter V, and Rocket League. Players and teams will compete in the amateur level Challenger Series to get a direct pathway into the Elite Series in which squads will represent city-based franchises in the league.

The first version of the arena in Moore Park will feature the best of the best in gaming equipment, alongside a full broadcast and production suite, supported by Hoyt’s nationwide cinemas which will showcase all of the action across Australia.

A broadcast partner is yet to be announced for the league, although the general expectation is that the content will be delivered across digital platforms such as Twitch.TV, YouTube Gaming, or Facebook Live. Hopefully unlike the newly founded FIFA E-League, Gfinity will send some love towards the New Zealand market and broadcast the shows to its many cinemas throughout the country.

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