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“With we created this campaign to bring this title to the forefront of our core gaming audience for RAGE, but also for the casual gamer. By creating an insane stunt that involved gaming influencers, and influencers that speak to the lifestyle audience, we commanded the attention of both markets.”

David Robles – Marketing & Communications Director ANZ at Bethesda Softworks


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Bethesda is an American Video game publisher that is known for their immersive worlds and experiences, including The Elder Scrolls and Fallout Series. 

Bethesda were looking to launch RAGE 2 in Australia, with an event that would build interest and reach, engaging and growing with the community of local gamers. collaborated with Bethesda to build a not-to-miss event. 

The Challenge

Bethesda wanted to engage gamers in Australia, thinking outside the box and building interest in RAGE 2. 

RAGE 2, is a first-person shooter set in an open-world, post-apocalyptic setting. 

The primary challenge was to involve a wide variety of gamers and involve those that play more casually, to drive hype prior to the launch day with a unique event.

Our Solution

Goto game worked closely with Bethesda to identify key influencers and creators that would love to be inked with RAGE 2 inspired tattoos.

The free event was created  at a premier tattoo parlour accompanied with a live stream, amazing content creation and showcasing gameplay from RAGE 2 itself. 

To this day attendees share their love for the event and experience as they all have a limited edition tattoo available only ay the event.


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