Zimo PUBG – Melbourne invitational – Day 1 wrap up

The Zimo PUBG tournament got underway yesterday with the Solo First Person Perspective games throughout the afternoon. The afternoon consisted of 5 games with 80 players dropping into the famous Erangel map to see who was the best on the day. Tainted Minds Subslayer, the man with the mullet ended up winning by 25 points which is a single kill.

The man with the glorious mullet, Subslayer was sitting in 2nd spot coming into the 5th game of the day, he did not look fazed, he knew what he had to do to win and he was going to make it happen. Unfortunately Subslayer was killed early in game 5 but he ended up getting a few kills. LionKK who was sitting in 1st spot coming into game 5 had died before Subslayer so it all came down to points.
After the game, everyone was eagerly waiting around for the points to be tallied and to see who had won! The screen flashed, the scores popped up and it was Tainted Minds Subslayer who was sitting in number 1 spot with 1300 points, 25 points (1 kill) in front of LionKK.
We quickly caught up with Subslayer for an interview:
Gotogame: So Subslayer, how was day 1 of the event? Are you over the moon with the win?
Subslayer: I’m nuts!
Gotogame: How do you think you and the rest of the team will play in the squads games over the coming 2 days?
Subslayer: Same.
Well there you have it guys! Subslayer, the man, the myth, the mullet!