Ya ya ya ya ya – The Doc is back

Its been almost two months, but finally there is balance in the force on Twitch with the return of the face of Twitch himself, the 6.8″ gaming freak with a 37″ vertical leap, The 2 time Back to Back 1993 & 1994 Blockbuster Video Game Champion and International Video Game Superstar….  Dr. Disrespect.
Late last year the Guy Beahm shocked the gaming world by appearing for just over 2 minutes out of character for the first time on his twitch account to admit to being unfaithful to his wife and stating he would be taking a break to get his life together:

Then after radio silence for well over a month, The Doc announced his return on Twitter clearly pointing a bit of fun at his situation by including his wife in the video:

Todays stream was highly anticipated and predicted to break records however the doc failed to hit the 400k+ viewership attained by League of Legends streamer Tyler1 during his return stream last month, Although the Doc can’t complain as estimates are that during today’s stream he has earned over $30k USD in subscriptions alone as well a string of donations throughout the day.
During the stream Dr.Disrepect unveiled a new look to many of his overlays, new emotes, a rebranded sub club named “The Champions Club” and an impressive increase in production quality.

2018, if I could talk to you about all the under-NDA deals I’m working on right now, well I’d probably end up in court and have to pay a lot of money to all these high-end corporations,” he said during the stream. “That said, 2018—oh my god. I’m excited.”
“2018 is gonna be my year again,”

Welcome back Doc