Xbox One X: Everything you need to know

The illustrious Xbox One X is out TODAY and console fans are ecstatic.
Finally, they have that true 4k gaming experience they have been waiting for! Although I am writing this as a PC fan, I am still super stoked for how far consoles have come in the last few years.

“Designed for every angle” – Looking at the Xbox One X it seems “rounded edges” are out and 90 degrees sharp angles are in. They have gone back to their old design and it looks beautiful.

Xbox has described their design as sleek and distinctive and they could not be more correct, the sleek black design is timeless.

“The world’s most powerful console” – I feel this statement has been thrown around alot before in the past but with an 8 core custom AMD CPU clocked to 2.3GHz, 12GB of DDR5 RAM and a 6 Teraflop GPU the Xbox One X may just be exactly that.

If you were looking for something powerful, small, portable and easy to use, this is one to check out for sure!
You can buy the 1 TB Xbox One X Console for AU$649 at the Microsoft Store. Consoles will ship by the 15th of November.
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