Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Up For Preorder

Have you ever looked at your shelf and realized you’re running out of space for games? Is your entire library digital and you find yourself wishing you could just ditch the disc altogether? Boy, do we have the news that’s gonna make your day!
Xbox has announced the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition which does away with that pesky disc slot, making for an entirely digital system! This creates a more affordable way for Xbox fans to get their hands on games, or a great way to Marie Kondo your game collection to a sleek all digital library. And the best part? It’s available for preorder right now!
To get you started, Xbox is even throwing in a few games with the console with some of the most popular releases, Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves! These are some amazing and varied titles that give you a taste of what Xbox has to offer and are varied enough to entertain everyone in the household. Or perhaps just you, if you like your games as varied as you like your various Xbox One console editions.
This all comes off the back of Xbox listening to fan feedback and seeing the huge success of the Xbox Game Pass which offers access to over 100 games, entirely digital. And that just seems to be the way the world is going with the huge success of platforms like Steam, as well as other media moving to digital with the success of platforms like Stan and Netflix. Plus, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition even comes with a special offer to get you started on the Xbox Game Pass.
So, here’s what you need to know. First, the console is available for preorder right now, from July 22nd. Where can you get your grubby little digital only hands on it? The Microsoft Store, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman all have the console for preorder for the sexy price of $349AUD. Second, if you want more information, you can always get it at the official Xbox website.
I know this announcement has certainly sparked joy in me!