Xbox is making a push for keyboard and mouse, but why?

Keyboard and mouse is traditionally the domain of PC gaming. So, why is Xbox moving to make it a controller option for console gamers?
It took two seemingly unrelated pieces of news before everything finally clicked and the dots were all connected.
The first piece of news came from Windows Central. It looked like your run-of-the-mill Xbox Insider Update article until it mentioned something strange about a new setting included in an Xbox Insider Alpha edition.
Windows Central reported that the update came with mouse settings indicating that Xbox is looking at proper mouse support for consoles outside of Minecraft (which already supports keyboard & mouse).

Then, in came a curious post on NeoGAF talking about a product yet-to-be-released on Amazon.
Amazon offers the following information about the peripheral:

  • Officially Licensed by Microsoft
  • Key and sensitivity settings can be saved to user profiles and adjusted with mobile app
  • Special features such as Snipe button, quick button, ADS lock, and more
  • Ergonomic and comfortable with adjustable palm rest
  • LED-backlit mechanical keypad and gaming-grade mouse

What makes this device curious? The fact that it’s a keyboard and mouse peripheral officially licensed by Microsoft (as highlighted in bold). It’s not due for release until October 30 but its release coinciding with the Xbox Insider Update is interesting.
With all this information, we can only speculate what Microsoft/Xbox is up to. A few theories and thoughts come to mind as to the reasoning behind this.
Xbox could be ramping up to provide more mouse support to games based on consumer demand. In other words, they could be catering to the gamer who would like to use a keyboard/mouse, doesn’t currently have a gaming rig but has an Xbox One. Or, it could be as simple as just giving gamers more options for peripherals on the Xbox One.
Of course, Microsoft is also offering more cross-play between Xbox and PC but as to how this ties in with that and the impact this could have on competitive FPS gameplay, time will tell.

Images: Windows Central, Amazon