Xbox accidentally leaks season 5 skins early!

Very recently, a Twitter user by the name of FNBRLeaks put out a picture of Fortnite Battle Royale on the Xbox live store.
The leaks showed 3 skins. One of the skins had the pink and white cat kitsune mask that he was taking off.

The Skin
Many players are speculating that these leaks are showing that the mask will be some sort of back bling, that you will be able to buy and remove whenever you can.
The leaks also give us a good hint of what sort of skins we can expect from the Battle Pass, with these 3 skins most likely being involved with the story in some way.
Only time can tell, with less than 6 hours left until the Season pass releases for Season 5, we will most likely get more and more leaks as the time until release shortens.
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