Xbox Game Pass for PC is coming… here are some details!

Have you ever thought to yourself, in your best sad infomercial voice, ‘gee, I love Xbox games, but I sure wish I could also enjoy them and the Xbox experience on PC’? Well, fret no longer. Oh boy, does Microsoft have a special deal just for you! 
That’s right, just for our special viewers–
Sorry, I’m getting a little carried away with the infomercial schtick.

The start of the Xbox Game Pass

Two years ago, Microsoft brought out the Xbox Game Pass. The idea was simple, it was a subscription service that, by signing up to, would give players access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Sort of like Netflix, but specifically for Xbox games. And, like Netflix, these titles would vary over time and by country, and only allowed players access for the player who wanted a bunch of games but didn’t have the price for all of them.

Xbox Game Pass… for PC?

Now, Microsoft has announced the Xbox Game Pass for PC. Just like the Xbox Game Pass, it allows players access to various games, but this time… On PC! Specifically, Windows 10! Microsoft is promising developers such as Bethesda, Devolver Digital, Paradox Interactive and SEGA among others.
They’ve also promised same day release for titles developed by Xbox Game Studios, including titles from their acquired studios such as Obsidian and inXile! That’s over 75 developers and publishers working with Microsoft to bring the best gaming content right to your home PC, promising new games each month.

Discounts for Xbox Game Pass Members. How much?

As if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft is also offering to sweeten the deal a little, promising a discount of up to 20% for Xbox Game Pass members when they want to purchase games from the Microsoft Store, as well as up to 10% discount for DLC and add-on content.
Microsoft was also quick to reassure fans that Steam is still an important platform to them, as their focus is consumer choice, across both PC and console. Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gears 5 and Age of Empires I, II & III: Definitive Editions will all be hitting Steam in the future. There was also a hint that they’re aware of all the various other PC platforms and are working to bring their titles to even more services in the future.
Though there was also the reminder that their main focus is Windows 10 as a platform, specifically Win32, with Microsoft promising full native support, which will allow customization for both users and developers.

More info at E3

Microsoft also promised to deliver more information about the service at their E3 event, which is 6:00 AM June 10th for us Aussies.
So hit those phones loyal viewers. Order now and receive a free toaster oven!!
Oh, no? That’s not happening? I’m getting carried away again? (Editor’s note: Please don’t promise anyone free toaster ovens ?)
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