4 classic Xbox 360 Valve titles now Enhanced for backward compatibility

The Backward Compatibility program has quickly become a hallmark feature of the Xbox family, and we love seeing people discover (or rediscover!) games they may have missed the first time around. Gamers have played over 1 billion hours of Xbox 360 and Original Xbox games on Xbox One – and we think our new release is only going to keep that momentum going.
Starting today, four new Xbox 360 titles will be available enhanced for Xbox One X: the historic collection of Half-Life 2: The Orange BoxPortal: Still AliveLeft 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2. Whether players are revisiting these iconic titles or experiencing them for the first time, they’ll see them with the stunning visuals only the Xbox One X can deliver.
Xbox 360 games enhanced for Xbox One X run at a higher resolution and 9X the original pixel count. The power of Xbox One X enables the Xbox 360 emulator to showcase the very best version possible with the existing assets—all without touching the game code. Today’s additions join the 17 previously released enhanced Xbox 360 titles like Red Dead Redemption and Skate 3 for a total of 21 Xbox One X Enhanced Xbox 360 games.

Xbox just announced four classic Xbox 360 titles from Valve are now available and enhanced for Xbox One X as part of the backward compatibility program:

  • Half-Life 2: The Orange Box
  • Portal: Still Alive
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Left 4 Dead 2

 Fans have put more than 1 billion hours into Xbox 360 and Original Xbox games on Xbox One (goodness that’s a lot of hours), with the backward compatibility library now containing 21 Xbox One X Enhanced Xbox 360 titles.

Trust us: if you thought startling the witch was a bad time before, wait until you see it enhanced.