WWE Supercard – App Review

I’m not a mobile gamer, I will jump on the new fad to check it out and usually have it uninstalled by the end of the week. Also, I am dot a TCG player, I Have never been able to figure out Magic or Pokemon.
However, I am a HUGE WWE fan, So when 2K reached out and asked if I would like to give WWE Supercard and their Valentines Day Pack a go I jumped at the chance.
Getting started was simple, John Cena (Strangely, on screen I COULD see him) helped me figure out what the game is, how to play and move around the app. It is not a complicated game at all and being that its all digital as opposed to a physical card game you can’t just make up the rules as you go along.
Each round of gameplay is broken up into different “Matches” Mens 1v1, Tag Matchs, Womens 1v1 e.t.c. Who ever wins the most matches wins the round. But what is a match?
Matches are where a card from your deck takes on a card from either the apps AI or someone onlines deck in an animated battle with the outcome determined by the strength of the cards.

At the start of the game you are gifted a starter deck by the app and the more you play and win the more opportunities you have to earn more cards.

Or, you can buy these cards in digital packs, just like we did when we were kids with physical trading cards!
Valentines Day was this week and to celebrate WWE Supercard added a Valentines Day pack which was awesome!
I score the legendary Eddie Guerrero along with Golddust, Beth Phoenix and for some reason 2 Big E’s

I have actually found myself really enjoying this game as not only does it give me something to do on the way home , but it taps into the 14yo in me that obsessed about collecting entire sets of trading cards!
Check out my play through here:
Watch Opening Packs And Laying The Smackdown from gotogame on