Woohoo! You can use Extensions on Twitch Mobile!

Twitch Mobile just keeps getting better and better. Twitch announced recently that you can use Extensions on mobile. Let’s dive into the details!
Twitch Extensions have been around less than a year. Yet, over this time, they’ve proven themselves very valuable to streamers and audiences. Finally, Twitch Extensions is making its way to mobile to help make that experience even more awesome.

Currently available Extensions

According to the Twitch Blog, the following are available:

  • Streamlabs Loyalty, Music, Polls, and Games (by Streamlabs): An all-in-one for some of the most popular streamer tools
  • Schedule (by LayerOne): An easy way to let your viewers know exactly when you’ll be streaming
  • World of Warcraft Armory (by Altoar): For World of Warcraft streamers, automatically share your game and character progression with your viewers, including your characters’ appearance, talents, PVP ratings, and PVE progressions

Important things to note about Extensions on Twitch Mobile

Firstly, Extensions are only available to versions of the app that are 6 or higher.
Secondly, there will definitely be more Extensions coming. Twitch notes that mobile availability depends on the developers of various Extensions. It’s up to them whether their Extensions will be mobile-friendly or not. So, if you’ve got a favourite extension you’d love to see on mobile, get in touch with its devs ????????