[Cancelled] Women in Gaming event with Angela Hession (Xbox): Thu 9 Aug

Microsoft Australia continues its Women in Gaming event tomorrow. The series focuses on women in the industry who present their thoughts, experiences and advice. Read on to learn more about tomorrow’s session and its special guest.

Update ????

The event has been cancelled ???? There are no plans to reschedule it.

What’s the topic?

Tomorrow’s topic will be about the Gaming for Everyone Program. It will be presented by Angela Hession, Principal Project Manager at Xbox.

Angela Hession

Angela will also be talking about navigating the industry and personal branding.

Who can come?

While the series is called ‘Women in Gaming’ and is geared towards women in the industry, everyone is welcome to come along.

Tell me the details!

Where: Microsoft Flagship Store, Sydney (188 Pitt Street Mall Sydney, NSW 2000)

When: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Thursday 9th of August, 2018

Make sure to register!

You can register over here.

It’s a really great series

We’ve previously attended the first Women in Gaming event. It’s a really positive space where women of various ages came to share their stories. You’ll find that even though it’s gaming-related, a lot of the advice shared from the events are generally applicable to other areas. On top of that, if you have questions for people in the industry, the event is a great way to ask.

You can read our recap of that first event here if you want to learn more about the experience.

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