WomANZ is Finally Here

WomANZ is an online community designed to support and empower women in the Australian and New Zealand gaming scene. It aims to create a safe place for female-identifying Twitch streamers to discuss challenges and concerns.
In a growing industry that is highly male dominated, establishing a presence as a female can be a difficult task. Streaming as a female can bring up challenges and concerns, especially for those just starting out, without proper support this can be a daunting issue to face alone. The launch of WomANZ aims to assist fellow female streamers through these challenges by creating a safe community to seek support and advice.
By creating a safe space, women are able to discuss any issues that they might face while streaming and collectively stand up against abuse faced online.

When I was first starting out with Twitch streaming I felt a need to discuss challenges and concerns with other female broadcasters but didn’t know how.
– WomANZ founder Anais ‘Naysy’ Riley

WomANZ hopes to facilitate charity events, meetupz and tournaments alongside creating a support network for women. WomANZ hopes to help women grow into other areas of the industry and wants to help carve out an inclusive pathway for those journeys.
WomANZ connects through a private Discord server that is now open for applications and a public Twitch community group to help broadcasters connect with each other. More info on the initiative can be found on their Twitter page.