Wild Assent is Coming to Kickstarter on October 16th!

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Wild Assent is a fantasy miniature board game with solo/cooperative and competitive game modes; stunningly detailed miniatures and strategic and satisfying combat.
Lady Aylwen and the Unicorn miniatures

Pledge Early, Get Two Miniatures for Free!

Pledge for Wild Assent within the first 72 hours and Lady Aylwen and the Unicorn miniatures; will be added to your pledge absolutely free! Both come with an assortment of cards and tokens to be used in the Arena and Hunt modes; expanding the core game with powerful new threats and allies.

Survive the Arena, Tame the Wilds

Journey deep into the dangerous Wilds and battle monsters in the Hunt mode or crush your enemies; in the gladiatorial arenas of the Silvestrem in the Arena mode. Whether you play by yourself, with friends, or against them, Wild Assent has something for everyone.

Join us on Kickstarter October 16th!