WellPlayed: event series to help gamers make online/offline connections

We’ve previously spoken here on about health, mental health and how they both interact with gaming. Today, we share this initiative that aims to use gaming to help combat loneliness: WellPlayed.

How WellPlayed came about

WellPlayed was started by the Queensland University of Technology Games Research Lab with funding from the Movember Foundation. The funding is from the Social Innovators Challenge, a $5.6 million investment grant “aimed at strengthening social connections for men from all walks of life.”

There are just so many people out there for whom a gaming community could be so pivotal in their life. We want those guys to get involved with our events for a real chance to explore the positives and connect through video games.

-Dr Daniel Johnson, Director of QUT Games Research Lab

What WellPlayed is about

The idea of the whole thing is to help gamers connect no matter their skill level. They can be a pro or a newbie and still get involved. It encourages gamers to make social connections whether online or offline.

The next event: This weekend!

The second event of the series is on this weekend. Here are the details for you:

  • When: Sunday, 17th March @ 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm (AEDT)
  • Where:
    1. Connect online from home or
    2. Book at Zen Gaming Lounge, Melbourne
    3. Head to QUT eSports Arena (Brisbane)
  • What: Atlas Reactor and Ring of Elysium are up for play

More info and event registration here:

Bit unsure about your skill levels? “A QUT esports coach will be streaming a Ring of Elysium tutorial” before the event.

If you want to check out the event, it will also be livestreamed on Movember Ambassador Reece McDowall’s Twitch:

Oh, and for an added bit of fun, if you share your favourite squad moment on the WellPlayed Project Facebook page, you have a chance to win a $100 JB HI-Fi voucher. And, according to the press release: “Players who compete in any WellPlayed event in 2019 will also go in the draw to win an XBOX One X or Playstation 4 Pro console.” 😍


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