Week 8 Challenges have arrived.. how hard can they be?

Today, Fortnite have released their Week 8 Challenges, giving you the opportunity to get 1 step closer to your Omega Skin. With this guide, we will give you the quickest way to complete your challenges.

Week 8 Challenges!

Deal Headshot Damage to opponents (0/250 | 5 Stars)
Aim at the head! Easy enough if they’re standing still or you have a rifle.

Search chests in Salty Springs (0/7 | 5 Stars)
Drop at Salty. Not much to it

Search 7 Chests in a single match (0/7 | 5 Stars)
Can do this with Salty and Pleasant, but if you aren’t as experienced go somewhere on the outside of the map, such as Lucky Landing as nobody goes there.

Search Hungry Gnomes (0/7 | 5 Stars)
There should be a guide when I make one, check here;

Search between a Bear, Crater, and a Refrigerator Shipment (0/1 | 10 Stars)
There should be a guide when I make one, check here;

Suppressed Weapon eliminations  (0/3 | 10 Stars)
Easy enough to do if you land at Pleasant or Salty.

Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park  (0/3 | 10 Stars)
Land Pleasant, not much to it.

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