Watch, Listen, Play: Razer’s newest device

Razer is well-known for its peripherals from keyboards and mice to accessories like bags. 
This is the first phone from the gaming company and the gaming community are excited. With the usual suspects like Apple and Google releasing their new phones, let’s be honest, what they’ve released aren’t anything crazy special.
The interesting look from Razer has really caught the attention of a lot of people. The ‘usual’ rounded edges are no more and the use of complete 90-degree angles is really interesting and exciting!

The gaming aspect of the phone may be a little too overhyped. How much gaming you will actually do on this phone and not just use it as a phone will depend on the person. The Quad HD display and refresh rates up to 120hz may change your mind.
Sticking with the gaming part, we were hoping the battery size would be big enough to back this phone. We were not disappointed. With a 4000 mAh battery, this thing is not running out of juice anytime soon.

One of the largest capacities found in any smartphone —The Razer Phone provides the absolute freedom to watch, listen and play as much as you want without ever being caught with a red battery bar.

Moving away from the gaming aspect of the phone, this phone is beefy as hell. Throwing in 8 GB of RAM will surely please anyone, no matter how they use this phone. Pair that with the 12MP dual camera and you almost have yourself a DSLR (slight exaggeration) that will fit into your pocket.

The one thing that is hard to swallow with this phone is that there is no damn headphone jack. Why Razer, why? The USB-C to AUX cable is fine BUT don’t be like Apple.
Look, regardless of no headphone jack the audio options on this Razer phone are beautiful. Pairing Dolby ATMOS and THX will, and I quote, “guarantee audiophile quality sound for your entertainment.”

We think this phone is going to surprise people. Whether you use it as a phone or as a gaming device, it looks awesome and it’s something different.
Source: Smartphone for Gamers – Razer Phone
Images: Razer


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