Warriors Orochi 4 Release Date Announced

Warriors Orochi 4, Popular Returning Spin-off Title Re-introduces Split Screen Co-Op At E3 2018

Fresh from E3 2018, KOEI TECMO Europe revealed that Warriors Orochi 4; 4 the latest installment in the one versus thousands action game series, will feature the return of fan-favourite split screen co-op!

Slated for release across Europe on 19th October 2018 for the PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System, Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Warriors Orochi 4 boasts a remarkable 170 playable characters from the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors universes, giving players an astounding number of options to choose from when playing alone, or with a friend.

Furthermore, this latest fusion title features the inaugural appearance of Magic abilities; allowing characters to wield phenomenally powerful and visually impressive attacks against their most challenging foes. These new-found powers come from the Gods’ most divine artifacts: the Sacred Treasures. In this distorted, merged version of their worlds; all Warriors are unexpectedly gifted with a Sacred Treasure that fuels their spell-casting attacks. Alongside their legacy moves and special attacks; they can now cast ranged and targeted spells; or even combine their powers with those of an ally for truly devastating blows!

To further showcase the new possibilities that open up in Warriors Orochi 4; Koei Tecmo released a set of screens and a new trailer (see above). Offering a deeper look into the game’s first announced new character: the father of the Greek pantheon: Zeus. Wielding the mighty Keravnos; Zeus has the power to call down thunder to devastate his enemies; and he seems to partner up with familiar faces from the Warrior-verse to defeat a yet-unknown foe!

More information about the game’s release, narrative, and new mechanics will follow in the coming weeks. To keep up to date with the latest news on Warriors Orochi 4 please visit the official site at, and Follow us on Twitter @koeitecmoeurope