Wargaming announces World of Tanks for VR

With the new company Neurogaming, Wargaming will be bringing World of Tanks to the VR platform. Read on for more info on the new company and the VR game.
Wargaming and VRTech have announced the formation of Neurogaming, a global location-based VR gaming provider with in-house technology and content expansion.
Using Neurogaming, World of Tanks VR is being developed to bring the intense combat from the massively multiplayer online game to a completely new platform.
So far, we don’t have any further information about World of Tanks VR but it’s good to see that Wargaming is looking at moving into the VR space. Hopefully, you’ll see more people jump into WoT VR once it’s finally released especially with the cost and availability of headsets improving.

About Neurogaming

Neurogaming is currently working on CinemaVR. CinemaVR is a location-based entertainment VR solution focused on session-based multiplayer/co-op games. Neurogaming shows great potential in the location-based VR market with 36 locations in various shopping malls and cinemas. The market has over 180,000 players in 2017.

About PolygonVR

PolygonVR is a high-end location-based entertainment solution with an immersion VR platform. The platform focuses on competitive long-play multiplayer and esports. PolygonVR was first showcased at Gamescom 2017 and the Tokyo Game Show. It already supports in-house and third-party content.
World of Tanks VR
PvP gaming content is in closed beta for PolygonVR, starting in late 2017. PolygonVR will focus on second screen support and high media capabilities offering direct-to-TV, digital and OTT channel support. PolygonVR aims to combine location-based entertainment with esports media platforms.
Both CinemaVR and PolygonVR experiences have been combined in Russia’s VR Park: VR Park City. The VR Park covers 850 square metres and is located in Afimall – one of the largest shopping centres in Moscow.

Where Neurogaming’s HQ will be

Neurogaming will have headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus with a development studio in Moscow, Russia. This year we will see the company expanding into Europe and the United States. They are planning to open offices in Amsterdam and New York.