Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Shadowvale Kickstarter Preview

Shadowvale, the next thrilling expansion to Valeria

Card Kingdoms Shadowvale introduces all new Monsters, Citizens and Domains, with a twist of classic horror. The Guardian, Dragoon, Inventor, and Lumberjack will stand against Werewolves, Vampires, Wendigos, and all manner of Undead to protect the newest domains like Karloff Castle, Hobbs End, King Tower, and Maleva’s Temple.
For anyone that hasn’t heard of Card Kingdom, this was the game was Daily Magic’s break out game. It raised 65k USD and funded in just a few days. It is a game that has continued to go from strength to strength, had multiple expansions and here is the newest one, Shadowvale.
For anyone that hasn’t played Card Kingdom, here is a short video on how it is played:

Card Kingdom and the Valeria series as a whole is beyond my favourite world in game. This was actually my choice for game world you would most like to live in. Well that might change after this expansion, as this takes us into the dark side of Valeria
The team at Daily Magic have truly done an amazing job with this set. It still feels like you are at home in Valeria but it has taken a very very dark turn. You were aware that Valeria were full of adventures and warriors, but now you are really seeing the underbelly of Valeria.

The new Monster Cards

I have a regular play group that love Daily Magic and I thought I would play it with them, but due to some prior commitments none of them could make it. So hopefully none of the group I played this with read this review, but I had to go with group number 2. We already had a Sunday game session booked and I asked if we could play Shadowvale. No one at the table had any prior experience with Card Kingdom and only one had played a Daily Magic Game. This would be the true test for this expansion.
Shadowvale was a hit, so much so that one of the guys called his girlfriend and “told her” (begged her) he was going to buy it and brought Card Kingdom on the spot. He literally brought it on Amazon at the table after the first playthrough of Shadowvale, just so he could play his Kickstarter when it arrived.
I have been reviewing almost 4 years now, and though I have had numerous friends buy games. I have played with them or have reviewed. Never have I had someone buy the original game at the table;  just so they can back the expansion and have something to play with in the meantime. It was pure insanity and I think just a nod to what an amazing game Shadowvale is.

Examples of the beautiful dark and gritty art

Let’s talk about the bit that brings this game to life, the art. The Mico is in my top 5 artists currently in board games; he has done all the art in the Valeria Series and a regular with Daily Magic Games. I think Shadowvale is his best work to date, his art styling already has a grittiness to it. But get him to all kinds of monsters and his art seems to have gone next level. You couldn’t have picked a better artist and subject matter for them to draw. It truly makes a great game become something special.
If you have never played Card Kingdom, you really need too. I have never had heard of anyone not enjoying it. But if you only get one expansion to it, this needs to be the one. I’m a massive fan of this series and this in all honest is the best expansion so far.
Shadowvale hits Kickstarter on the 23rd of January 2018 and if you own the original game, you need this expansion.
If you don’t own the original Card Kingdom, you can pick it up from your Friendly Local Game Store or on Amazon (Currently 31% off) for $57 AUD delivered.