The ultimate IEM Sydney 2018 survival kit: what to bring and expect

If you’re still making your way to IEM Sydney this weekend or you won’t be in until the weekend proper (Sat and Sun) then you may find this handy. It’ll be even handier if you haven’t been to a big event before.

First things first: no backpacks

On your way into the stadium (as I found out early this morning), you’ll find that you won’t be allowed any backpacks. If you’ve brought one, you’ll need to grab whatever you need form inside it. The registration desk at the doors will give you a clear bag to carry your stuff in. Staff will keep your backpack in the external cloakroom.
Of course, this might seem like a big annoyance but it’s easy to understand why they’re doing it. In fact, I’d like to say the fact that they’re doing it is a good sign for how well the event is going (in a weird, roundabout silver lining way). Security when it comes to an event as big as this should always be a priority. TL;DR – Security > your backpack.
You should definitely have a look at the prohibited items list before you come to IEM.




I’m a card kind of lady. But, given I’ll be walking around all day and will need sustenance, I withdrew cash from near the train station on my way in. It might be easier to handle for restaurants or cafes with minimum transaction requirements. Also easier if you’re in that situation where you ask a mate to get you something and you’re like “Here’s some cash, pretty please, thanks”.

Chargers and power banks

You’ll find power outlets dotted throughout the arena. However, if you’re sitting in the arena watching the game and you want to make sure you don’t miss tweeting out the best arena photo, a power bank is a good idea.

Comfy shoes

Planning on being around all day? I cannot recommend enough that you wear comfy shoes. Your feet will thank you kindly at the end of the day and most importantly, the end of the weekend.

Your energy and enthusiasm and smiles

If you were expecting a very lame metaphorical message here about bringing energy, you expected wrong ???? To be honest, once you start walking up to the arena, it’s impossible not to feel giddy AF.

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But… I’m not at IEM so why do I need this survival kit? 🙁

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