Ubisoft family fending off Vivendi

The Ubisoft familia the Guillemot family, is fending off a potential hostile takeover (again) by Vivendi ( a rival company) by increasing its own stakes in the company after a year of successfully talking to investors to drum up the funds needed to gain back its controlling stake.
Vivendi currently owns 24.5% of voting rights with the founding family only owning 20% of voting rights in Ubisoft.
Vivendi has slowly been increasing its stake in Ubisoft with Vivendi’s last purchase in the company promoting the Guillemots to take the company to court to prevent a full-blown takeover as Vivendi exceeded its voting power that of the Guillemots.
While Ubisoft is best known for its Assassin Creed, Far Cry & Southpark games (to name just a few), Vivendi is better known as the owners of Universal Music Group and former owners of Activision Blizzard and controlling owners of Gameloft (Ubisoft’s brother…literally).
The Ubisoft takeover is a repeat of how Vivendi actually got Gameloft and the fact that Ubisoft is in this position after watching Gameloft being overpowered the exact same way, is a shocking place to be in.
But all hope is not lost, Activision successfully bought its freedom from Vivendi in 2013 which prompted the company to begin looking for a replacement and found Gameloft.