Somethings happening to streamers on twitch, and it’s weird.

What's going on? I mean *cough* W̶̼̙̳͇͋́̃̀h̸̖̳̳̱͗a̷͍̅͌͊͝t̴̨͎͆̆̿̄͜s̸̨̆̕ ̶̰̟̞͕͒͆̽g̴̠͆̀o̴̢̩͎̅̆̐͜ỉ̶̢͎̙̐ṅ̸͇̹́g̵̤͒͗̔̍ ̶̺̌̋͗ỏ̴̢̞̓n̵̜̼͖̺̊͠ ̵̫̪͕̩̌!̵̨̨̖̓̎?̷̩͐


This was an advertising campaign for Warner Music Australia & Skrillex’s latest single “Midnight Hour”

What is this strange glitch showing up on twitch recently?

Earlier today a few Australian/OCE twitch streamers posted to their twitter a confusing glitch that they’re speculating is a glitch inside Twitch, OBS or Stream labs. So far, or so far noticed, the glitch is affecting streamers JackHuddo, Pawln, Slickflow and Liddles. The glitch is a visual glitch that distorts the screen as well as a permanent countdown in the corner.

Speculations have already been going around by viewers asking about Sponsorships or collaborations.

During tonight’s stream, JackHuddo denied the accusations of trolling the chat, further showing that he doesn’t know what’s happening either!

Streamer Slickflow noticed this glitch today but shrugged it off as either a graphics card issue, obs problem or the more likely possibility, Neo coming back to kill them.

What does the code say?

Fortunately, we were lucky enough to get a clip of JackHuddo’s stream while it as glitching with the code on the screen. Examining through the clip frame by frame we can see references to Bluetooth as well as other words such as ‘Speedometer’ popping up. Flipping the text doesn’t reveal much more than just mumbo jumbo.

My predictions

Honestly, I have zero ideas on what is actually happening with the streamers, maybe its a prank played by Twitch to advertise a potential Australian Twitch Con? Maybe a new partner program? It’s honestly all up in the air. I hope it isn’t Neo coming to kill them, that wouldn’t be much fun either. The other thing could possibly be a new racing game due to the speedometer message? I don’t know, we will have to find out when the timer ends! For the people on the edge of their seats, the countdown ends Thursday 7PM AEST, so set your timer for that. The glitch seems to be happening constantly so if you’re watching the streamers, make sure to clip it and sent to us on twitter @Gotogame and your predictions on the situation.


Once the time hit 00:00:25 a bigger “hack” took over these streamers whole screens, counting down the final 30 seconds.

There was one final burst of static, followed by the command script “Hack successful” then an ominous “ill” logo, then prompting a “transmit: midnighthour.mp4”.

Three logos then flashed on screen… SKRILLEX, BOYS NOIZE & TY DOLLA SIGN!

What followed was the Australian broadcast premier for the video of the latest Skrillex single “Midnight Hour” featuring Boys Noize & Ty Dolla Sign.

It was an amazing experience and the streamers danced along and celebrating with their communities.


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