Turtle Beach Elite Pro – Review

As far as headsets go, I have never been a fan of Turtle Beach gear. It has never quite lived up to my expectations compared to how much I have paid for them. However, This has changed since trying the Elite Pro Headset kindly sent to us by Turtle Beach and SYF Gaming.


As a guy that wears glasses I have always had issues with over ear headphones pushing the arms of my specs into my temples, The Turtle Beach Elite ear cups have shown me that this is an issue that no longer needs to worried about as the thick cushioning around the cup gives a tight fit around the ears while not pushing my glasses into me. Add in the cooling gel embedded in the cup and spandex on the surface, The Elite Pro headset felt amazing and didn’t feel like I had to move them constantly to get comfortable over long play sessions as I have to with other gaming headsets.
When it comes to the weight, they have found a great balance between being heavy enough to feel solid and balanced yet not make your head feel top heavy.


Turtle beach have stayed fairly functional with the look of the Elite Pro headset, opting for a hard wearing look rather than a flashy gloss finish and soft edges. Personally I like the look of them, they aren’t trying to look like a fashion piece, but are embracing the job they are created for.

Audio Quality:

This is really why you buy them right?
On their own the Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset sounds awesome. But for the full experience I can’t recommend adding the Audio controller enough!

I used these headphones while streaming away from home and found that they were a great full replacement for my Midi interface and Studio mic i use on my streaming set up. The mic sounded amazing and at one point my wife was outside streaming and the mic picked her voice up perfectly without any wind or background noise bleeding through. The TAC is the perfect way to control all audio while stream too, when it is fully set up you have the ability to control the Mic, Game audio and Discord while having instant control of the headphone volume with the huge volume dial.
I was warned buy someone that the setup for the TAC may be difficult, but I found this to be extremely simple!

Would recommend!

As I said right at the beginning, I had previously not been a fan of Turtle Beach products, But the Elite Pro has me converted. While the setup is not cheap at around the $350 mark for the headset and $230 for the TAC, I would say it is a great investment. Perfect for those looking to start streaming and so comfortable you could play wearing these for hours on end