Turtle Beach unveils plans for PC gaming market expansion

Designed in Collaboration with the World’s Leading Esports Teams, Turtle Beach’s New Atlas Line Features Three New Models Built for PC Gamers

 Turtle Beach (NASDAQ: HEAR), a global leader in gaming audio, today revealed plans for expanding the company’s portfolio of high-quality, award-winning gaming headsets with a focus on the PC market. Designed in collaboration with leading esports teams, including Astralis, OpTic Gaming, and the Houston Outlaws, Turtle Beach’s Atlas line is built for PC gamers and features three different models – the Elite Atlas Pro Performance Gaming Headset, the powerful Atlas Three Amplified PC Gaming Headset, and the Atlas One PC Gaming Headset.

Furthering Turtle Beach’s commitment to designing headsets for all gamers; each Atlas product offers PC players an innovative set of features and functionality. Read below for full details of each Atlas PC gaming headset.

Turtle Beach is a leading gaming audio brand because we constantly innovate to design high-quality headsets; with features that gamers want; so we’re clearly excited to extend our portfolio; with the Atlas products for PC gamers.  This expansion is a great move for us because; in addition to our already strong performance in console gaming headsets; we’ll now have the ability to attract both dedicated and cross-platform PC gamers through our new Atlas line-up.”

said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation.

 Turtle Beach has been a consistent market leader in console gaming headsets; however is no stranger to the PC market; as the company was a pioneering force through the early days of PC audio; with products including the first midi-synthesisers and a variety of PC sound cards in the 1980s and 1990s. Since then, the company has evolved with the times; and in 2005 Turtle Beach launched the first ever console gaming headset; setting out to become the leading gaming audio brand it is today, thanks to its continued efforts in innovation, broad product catalogue, and strong retail partnerships and distribution channels. During that time, Turtle Beach has created a handful of well-received PC gaming headsets, but the company’s core focus has primarily been on the console business, until now.

 “When we set out on the path to growing our presence in PC, it included conducting consumer research and working with our partners on key design elements, resulting in what we believe is a great first assortment of PC headsets. Each Atlas headset offers PC gamers the audio performance and comfort Turtle Beach is known for. Moving forward, we intend to leverage our technology, innovation, and best practices, to continue leading the console gaming headset business through our Recon, Stealth and Elite products, with equal focus and energy behind our new Atlas line that’s built for PC gamers.” Stark continued

 “As a player and as a team; it’s a privilege to have worked with Turtle Beach in the making of the Elite Atlas; and the rest of their new Atlas line.  We tested and provided a lot of feedback and suggestions during the development process; in an effort to ensure the Elite Atlas is the best possible headset for PC esports pros; but also for any PC gamers. We’re excited to be a part of the whole process and can’t wait; until gamers can get Turtle Beach’s Atlas headsets.”

said Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz of Astralis. 

The continued rise of esports has put tremendous pressure on organisations; to deliver exceptionally high audio quality.  Turtle Beach continues to deliver pro-level audio for the competitive gamer, and the Atlas PC headsets provide a reliable lineup of top-tier audio performance; for the aspiring, established, and experienced esports athlete.”

said Ryan Musselman, SVP of Global Partnerships, Infinite Esports & Entertainment.

 Additionally, fans attending gamescom, PAX West and DreamHack Montreal; will have the opportunity to be some of the first gamers in the world to try out the Elite Atlas; before it hits retail shelves. gamescom opens its doors 21st to 25th August 2018 in Cologne, Germany; and PAX West takes place 31st August to 3rd September 2018 in Seattle, Washington; where Turtle Beach will give players the opportunity to go head-to-head; playing the latest games using Turtle Beach’s latest gear. DreamHack takes place in Montreal, Canada 7th to 9th September 2018; and Turtle Beach will be outfitting the show’s entire PC Freeplay area; with the Elite Atlas where attendees will be able to experience the headset’s professional-quality game audio; crystal clear chat, and unmatched comfort.

 Full Elite Atlas Pro Performance Gaming Headset Details:

The Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas sets a new benchmark for esports audio on PC. For pro-players and hardcore PC gamers alike; the Elite Atlas is built to win, with a durable yet sleek metal headband and suspended pad; ProSpecs™ glasses friendly design, and upgraded magnetic memory foam ear cushions; featuring athletic fabric and synthetic leather working together to block out external noise. Audio performance centres around the Elite Atlas’ pro-tuned 50mm Nanoclear speakers; that deliver immersive Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound and the removable high-sensitivity mic with TruSpeak™ technology; for flawless communication with teammates. Finally, the Elite Atlas goes wherever gaming takes you; with included 3.5mm and PC-splitter cables that connect to any PC setup.Full Elite Atlas Pro

Full Atlas Three Amplified Gaming Headset Details:

The Turtle Beach® Atlas Three PC gaming headset delivers powerful amplified Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound; to immerse you in your games, movies, and music. The Atlas Three features large 50mm speakers for game audio; Turtle Beach’s high-sensitivity flip-to-mute mic for a crystal-clear chat. For added durability and comfort; the Atlas Three dawns a metal-reinforced frame with Turtle Beach’s unique ProSpecs™ glasses friendly design; along with a breathable fabric-wrapped headband and memory foam ear cushions. Additionally, the Atlas Three offers Variable Mic Monitoring; so you can hear and adjust the volume of your voice inside the headset to avoid shouting at other players; plus audio presets including Vocal Boost and a rechargeable battery that delivers over 40-hours of gaming per use.Full Atlas Three

 Full Atlas One Gaming Headset Details:

The Turtle Beach® Atlas One gaming headset is built for battle; delivering immersive Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound and crystal-clear chat; through its high-quality 40mm speakers and high-sensitivity flip-to-mute mic. The Atlas One also features a lightweight design; with a metal-reinforced headband and ProSpecs™ glasses friendly synthetic leather-wrapped memory foam ear cushions; to provide added durability and unmatched comfort for those all-nighters.Full Atlas One

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