Top 5 Cats in Video Games

Here at goto.cats, sometimes, we play video games. But only when there are no cats around for us to pet, which isn’t that often. When we do play these… ‘Video’d Games’ the kids are into, we try and choose ones that contain cats. If they don’t, that’s just wasted time that could be spent enjoying cats. I know I don’t want that to be me! So here are 5 great cats from interactive video game based entertainment media that we would wholeheartedly recommend to you.

Image: https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/9tpu7i/fighter_n%C2%BA69_has_a_big_the_cat_alternate_costume/

Big the Cat – Sonic Adventure

What kind of cat doesn’t love fish? Or fishing? What if a cat walked and talked like a human being that sounded vaguely like Duke Nukem from famous catless video game ‘Duke Nukem: 3D‘? Because they were voiced by the same person! But imagining a friendly giant like Big crassly telling me to ‘blow it out my ass’ doesn’t stop my enjoyment of this cat and his incredibly heartfelt search for his friend and ally, Froggy.

Journey through scenic floating warships and pieces of levels that are just kind of awkwardly cut out of the levels of the other characters and enjoy the fishing minigame which is drastically different from the rest of the game and is probably Sega trying to advertise their Dreamcast fishing titles. Marvel at the sheer emotion put into Big’s mournful cry of ‘Froggy’. Try to beat your high score and catch the biggest fish possible. Because that’s all you’re going to be doing. You can walk around and explore the levels on foot but what frog would be anywhere but water? Stop walking around, sit down, and fish with this delightfully large feline.

Oh, I get it. That’s why he’s called Big! Haha, those video game developers are just too clever for me!

Image: http://chic-pixel.com/2017/02/final-fantasy-xv-thoughts-from-a-cat-lover-guest-post/

Random Cat – Final Fantasy XV

Originally in trailers, this game seemed exciting as it offered segments where the player would actually be able to fully control and enjoy the subtle but beautiful movements of cats in a more hands on fashion. This was removed from the final game. As such, it was very difficult for me to even talk about, but I can’t hold it against the cats that do appear in this video game.

One such cat is involved in a side quest, in which you discover he’s hungry. Determined to right this incredible injustice, we are sent on a journey to get it some food. Foolishly, we try to feed it pathetic ‘food’ and soon learn this is not good enough. Instead we must feed it only the finest meals, cooked by a gourmet chef and made of fish we have painstakingly caught ourselves.

This cat is a gourmet, and as such, we should all show it nothing but respect. As we do for every cat.

Cat from the Catz series

A game where you look after cats! I’ve been told that’s what this is. What could possibly go wrong with… Oh! Oh no! Why do they look like that! This is horrifying! All the games just get progressively more upsetting looking cats! I don’t like this! Please make it stop!!

Image: http://kazucrash.tumblr.com/post/166225738580/scud-race-plus-publisher-sega-developer-sega-am2

Cat from Scud Race Plus

Oh! Look at this lively cat go! Apparently this is just some sort of… ‘Easter Egg’ and is not actually about racing cats against each other or anything of the sort. I assume the cat is the best possible option in the game and also the most powerful, which is why it’s hidden away.

Apparently it was found in arcades and I’m sure it was the most popular machine available once this secret was discovered. Each vehicle has an ‘extra feature’ like better steering or the like, but the cats special feature is listed as being able to mew, which is absolutely a delight.

Revolver Ocelot from the Metal Gear series

This man himself is not a cat but instead he takes his name from a noble wildcat. He also meows like a cat sometimes. That is a mark of honor and power for any man and I can respect him for that. As games progress he begins to lose touch with his catlike roots in the developers attempt to turn him into a more ‘serious’ character. Because your dead boss being in your arm but not really because you just hypnotized yourself into believing it, but it did actually happen for a little while is better than ‘meows like a cat’ I guess.

This was a mistake and I will be writing a strongly worded letter to Mr. Kojima.

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