ToeJam & Earl’s Super Funky Telethon Coming May 27

Most developers announce news through press releases, trailers or conferences. HumaNature, developers of the latest installment of the cult classic ToeJam & Earl franchise, like to do things a little differently and have instead opted for a 90s themed ‘super funky telethon’ full of sponsors, 90s personalities, streamers, prizes and what I can only assume a ‘Cool ‘Tude’ that would be right at home in this sort of environment.
ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! was the latest entry in the beloved funktastic series that first premiered back in 1991, with the latest entry premiering in 2019. But the developers at HumaNature aren’t done yet, promising more content as well as all kinds of wacky antics in their upcoming telethon, aptly titled ‘Toejam & Earl’s Super Funky Telethon‘.
Several sponsors have come on board in the form of Attack Media, Limited Run Games, Corptron, G-Fuel and Corn Nuts, not only making the stream possible, but also making sure there are plenty of prizes up for grabs for viewers. And if that wasn’t enough, HumaNature has also got some amazing celebs and streamers on board. Just how big? Macaulay Culkin and Freddie Prinze Jr. big. You know, to really drive the 90s theme home. Although that’s not all, with Sonja Reid (OMGItsFireFoxx) and Genieve Goings also coming on board.
Not only that, but HumaNature is offering the chance to have a chat with these delightful personalities through a hotline that will be available in order to have a chat, win prizes or participate in the general wackiness of the day. How wacky, you ask? The telethon promises various zones, ranging from the more tame retro 90s living room through to what’s being called ‘The Stunt Zone’ where the guests will have to suffer through horrors like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dipped in fudge (terrifying), a swimming pool full of Corn Nuts and we’re being promised “something involving live ducks”. So. That’s a thing!
If you’re wondering what all this is for, it’s to announce all new content for ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!
“Big news like Toejam & Earl’s multiplayer and endless mode updates deserve equally big ways to announce,” said Greg Johnson, founder of HumaNature Studios. “So with help from our Executive Producer Macaulay Culkin, we thought hey, why not with a 4-hour live show full of celebs, games, and surprises?”
The telethon will be coming to you live on Mixer, YouTube and Twitch from 5am-9am AEST on May 27th. Keep an eye on the website for more information.