Thunder Insurance launches world-first for gaming industry

In a time where our technology and gadgets mean more to us than ever before. Losing or having them go down can feel like you’ve lost a limb. You can lose valuables, memories or a way to earn a living. Then after all that, you have to find thousands of dollars to try and replace everything you’ve lost. Which adds to the stress of the situation.
I know about this all too well, 18 months ago I bought my dream PC. Within a couple of month of getting it, the roof of my old apartment collapsed due to water damage. I had to move, replace everything but luckily I had insurance. Or, so I thought. They offered me a third of what the PC was worth, they wouldn’t replace my Xbox or phone as I had hit my cap.
They didn’t understand the worth of the tech I owned and laugh when I told them how much it was worth. According to them, ‘Computers don’t cost that much’.
This whole situation shocked me. I know people say there is a real divide between our generation and previous generations. But I had never realised just how out of touch some people were.
Yet, after reading this media release and chatting to Eayl, co-founders of Thunder Insurance, I realised this is all about to change.
Thunder Insurance

Who is Thunder Insurance?

Thunder Insurance is an insurance company led by founders, Eayl Machlis and Paul Cowley. They have more than 25 years of insurance experience between them.
In particular, Thunder Insurance is interested in changing the way insurance works for the gaming industry.
Co-founders Eayl Machlis and Paul Cowley had this to say about insurance in the gaming industry:

“Gamers are looking for peace of mind, whether that’s in a cyber lounge or while traveling. We want to make insurance accessible for our future generations,”

Eayl Machlis said

World-first insurance offering

“Thunder Electronic Device Insurance” is a specialty insurance product from Thunder Insurance made for gamers. According to them, this is what the product is all about:

It enables the protection of a gamer’s most valuable assets under one policy. Gamers can bind their risk in less than 90 seconds online and it is backed by one of Australia’s largest insurers, IAL. They can insure their consoles, desktops, laptops, monitors, headsets, keyboards, tablets,TVs and mobile phones.

Esports sponsorship

Thunder Insurance is also a sponsor of my beloved Kanga eSports. The announcement was made last month.

About Thunder Insurance

“Thunder Insurance is bringing to market a unique set of insurance offerings, tailored towards the gaming community via its “Thunder Electronic Device Insurance”, through to its industry offerings such as “eSports Corporate Travel Insurance” for the emergence of eSports teams across Australia. Furthermore, by understanding the inherent needs of Millennials most prized possessions, their electronic devices, for the first time an insurance product has been created with this market specifically in mind.”
Thunder Insurance is also working with various companies in the gaming industry:

  • Esports teams
  • Game devs
  • Tournament organisers
  • Broadcasters
  • Cyber cafes

To learn more about Thunder Insurance or get a quote, head to their website