Thoughts on the Telstra, Intel and Ericsson 5G esports demo

On the 8th of May, Telstra, Intel and Ericsson demonstrated a new 5G network. In particular, they wanted to demonstrate not just the speed but its ultra-low latency features.

About the demo

As part of the demo, The Chiefs helped showcase the 5-6 ms latency. According to Telstra, the latency is around 4 times lower than the average latency of 4G today.

Good to see companies supporting esports

I know we’ve written plenty before about the NSW stadium debate. Part of this, of course, was also covering dedicated esports arenas in various countries such as the US and China. The most important part of the bigger story is esports becoming mainstream enough that it gets support from both the public and private sectors.
The Chiefs on Tuesday became the first esports team to play over 5G. Not sure if the stream was also run over the 5G network but if you’re interested, you can watch it below:
Watch The Chiefs eSports Club from ChiefsESC on
More cross-promotion events like this between companies like telcos and esports teams are needed. Other than esports teams getting exposure to an audience they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, companies like Telstra are showing they’re supporting esports and gaming.

More telcos in gaming?

For Telstra, it’s also an interesting move considering IEM Sydney weekend was just a few days earlier. One of the sponsorship partners was Vodafone Gaming. IEM Sydney was the debut for this new gaming arm.
I expect to see more from Vodafone and Telstra in the gaming industry. While Vodafone had the advantage of high exposure from IEM, Telstra’s 5G demo won’t just get the gamers excited, but the general public as well.

Australia needs fast internet

If you haven’t already read Phid’s eye-opening article on the difference between Australia and New Zealand’s internet, you should. Wired internet is nowhere near world-class here in Australia. So, of course, it makes sense that there would be a focus on 5G. Other than the fact that it’s coming out soon, it’s coming off the backs of an excellent 4G network here nationally. Our mobile internet is up there in the global rankings. Based on Speedtest’s Monthly Global Index, Australia ranked #8 worldwide for mobile internet:
Speedtest Global Index - Australia April 2018

5G + mobile games

To be honest, in the end, I’m most excited about the prospect of 5G for mobile games. I identify primarily as a mobile gamer. The biggest pain point I have is the ability to play games that require a network connection. The lack of an available connection prevents me from playing most games ???? So, 5G would be a welcome addition to my current gameplay.