New Zealand celebrities squad up in Fortnite with The Night Squad!

The Night Squad!

Sports stars, comedians, musicians and TV personalities will “squad up” each week in the popular video game, Fortnite. The show will be titled “The Night Squad” and will be hosted by kiwi gaming personality Amy Potter.
Amy Potter is a seasoned game reviewer, host and content creator in the gaming industry. Amy has live-streamed and created gaming videos for many years.

“I am incredibly excited to launch The Night Squad to New Zealand! Video games are a huge part of my life, and there is no greater feeling than sharing my passion for this media with others.
Gaming is absolutely for everybody, but sometimes it can be misunderstood. It makes me very happy to be able to showcase video games, and entertain an audience that may have never watched someone else play before! The Night Squad is kind of like a radio show, where instead of playing music we play games.”

How do I watch?

Viewers will be able to tune in each Wednesday night via, as a new set of celebrity guests, will squad up in Fortnite! The Night Squad will also be raising money for a charity each week through Twitch donations.
The first season will run for 8 weeks, beginning Wednesday 7 pm, 6th June.