The New Revised Edition of Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal, the beloved game of negotiation, backstabbing, and area control is coming to Kickstarter on April 17 with a streamlined and updated Revised Edition!

Check out the preview page, download your avatar, and get ready to join the family on April 17 at 11AM EST!

What’s New?

The Revised Edition has been streamlined for a shorter playing time of 60 minutes, featuring faster rounds and less downtime. The rules have been rebuilt to be clear and concise, but are still backwards compatible with the original edition. We’ve also introduced a new feature, Location Cards, which provide an alternate way to use your influence tokens. Each pledge for the base game will come with the Scenes of the Crime Location Pack for free!

Location Cards

All in the Family

You can also pledge for the Family Business Expansion, which includes the gangster, influence, and casino cards from the original expansions (Young Turks, Associates, and Power & Influence). Some cards have been tweaked or updated, but are still fully backwards compatible with the original edition!
Family Business Expansion

Don’t Fuggedaboutit!

The Don is expecting you — prove your loyalty on April 17 at 11AM EST. Be careful of getting whacked… but if you do, just remember: it’s nothing personal.
Nothing Personal Revised Edition