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The Kasanova Podcast – Aaron Pathammavong!

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This week, the newest edition of Hawaii’s #1 Podcast, The Kasanova Podcast featured SQUARE ENIX Web Designer & Chroma_Works creator, Aaron Pathammavong!

Curious about the origins of Chroma_Works? Or what it’s like working as a Web Designer for SQUARE ENIX? You’re in luck! We interviewed Aaron Pathammavong of SQUARE ENIX & Chroma_works on our #podcast!

You can check the podcast out on YouTube on Mekels channel, as well as checking out the official Kasanova Podcast website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Pandora

Along with the amazing Phid McAwesome interview, the Kasanova Podcast has also hosted guests such as Gothic Sushi, Sebastian Garcia, Jay Sandlin and Jacob Oflias!

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Mekel Kasanova is a man of many trades, he is a creative entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, producer, entertainer, YouTube personality, and tech journalist that works with various industries such as the tech, video game, YouTube/streaming, and podcasting industries!

Mekel is a journalist who writes reviews and impressions for his website for various companies as well as hosting the #1 podcast in Hawaii, The Kasanova Podcast, where he interviews celebrities, actors and voice actors, tech and video game industry staff, journalists, game and movie composers, content creators, and more with the aim of the show to educate people on whatever field his guest is in and to give them a peek behind the veil and a howto if they want to get into their industry. On the podcast, it’s all about organic conversations with my guests and centres around not only what they do but them as a person and individual

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