The Celestial Blade – Realm of the Mad Gods most re-worked weapon.

In every game there are nerfs and buffs of items, it's just become something we have to deal with

In every game there are nerfs and buffs of items, it’s just become something we have to deal with. For Realm of the Mad God, the Celestial Blade is an item that has seemed to be re-worked countless times, and finally, it is back.

The beginnings

In October of 2012, the Ninja was released, and with it, by December 2012, brought 2 UT Katanas, the Ray Katana and the Celestial Blade. These two Katanas currently had no way of being dropped. The Celestial Blade started off as a great weapon, amazing for working through crowds of weak enemies up close but way too risky to use on Gods or dungeon bosses.

Rocky start

The Lair of Draconis started its launch full of problems. The Celestial blade would finally have a home and drop from who we know now as Feargus the demented but was called Thanatos. Unfortunately for the community and the game devs, build release 11 was released and the Lair of Draconis was accidentally put into production. The key would put up for an extremely cheap price of 10-20 fame in the nexus. Huge amounts of players ran the dungeon and received high tier T14 armours and the new Celestial UT Katana. Many of those who received the armours and the new blade duped them excessively. The dungeon was removed and replaced with the ‘Consolation of Draconis’. The Celestial Blade was turned into the ‘Useless Katana’, and it was totally useless. The Katana went to 10-30 damage, less than the T0 Katana.

Month of the Mad God 2014

It took 2 years for the Lair of Draconis to be back in action. It was June of 2014 and the players were hyped to learn that the LoD would be coming back. To the disappointment of nearly everyone, the UTs were nerfed to oblivion. The hardest to be hit by the nerf was the Celestial Blade, now known as the ‘Annoying Firecracker Katana’. This Katana only out-damaged the Doku no Ken at <5 defence, and did not pierce enemies. The shots were arched in a way that would force players to stand incredibly close to hit all 3 shots. The only situation it was viable was in was armour broken chests. As the name suggests, it was annoying as well as INCREDIBLY useless.

The Sullen Blade

Build 27.7.X.10.3 came out, and with it was the much-needed buff of the Katana, as well as the name change to ‘The Sullen Blade’  While up close the Katana could now do staggering amounts of damage. It was most useful on enemies that are mostly safe to approach, in a similar way to the Demon Blade. In terms of sheer DPS, it was compared to a Staff of Extreme Prejudice. would even out damage the Void Blade up to 38/43 defence. The Katana still did not pierce enemies but didn’t need to, it was actually being used as the average damage of the blade was increased to 80, totalling 240 damage. The Katana was still a deathwish to many that used it, but it was now being used as more than just a vanity item.

Month of the Mad God 2019

It has been over 6 years since the introduction of the Celestial Blade/Annoying Fire Cracker/Sullen Blade, and with the release of Month of the Mad God 2019 and the revamp of various dungeons, including the Lair of Draconis, the Celestial Blade is back, taking over the Sullen Blade. The blade now does 200-220 damage, average 210 per shot at a 5.2 range.

It is awesome to see an old blade such as the Celestial Blade finally coming back and actually being viable. I wonder how long it will stay before it will be revamped once again.


Idea; https://www.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/cboxdc/celestial_blade_a_history_of_rotmgs_most_reworked/







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