Tespa announces Tespa University initiative

Tespa, a North American company founded in 2010 that is involved in collegiate gaming chapters and esports competitions is starting a new initiative called Tespa University.
Tespa University is a website aimed at connecting students who game within and across colleges in the US and Canada.
Tespa founders Tyler and Adam Rosen explain that they want the website to encourage students to get involved with gaming by connecting with other gamers, Tespa programs, existing chapters and also help students create new chapters, especially where one doesn’t already exist.

No matter what college you go to or what games you play we’d like to invite you to Tespa University to get involved on campus, develop your career and of course, earn some awesome rewards.

While Tespa and Tespa University are limited to just North America, initiatives like these show the potential of games to generate events on the scale of traditional collegiate sports as well as the potential of games to create community.

Welcome to Tespa University (Blog)
Tespa University:

Image: Tespa Inc.