Launch of Highly Anticipated TECHNIKA 2 PACK for DJMAX RESPECT

DJMAX RESPECT, the most revered rhythm series gets even more awesome; with the addition of two dozen new tracks from the 2010 arcade classic!

One of the longest-running and most widely respected rhythm games ever created is growing its legend. DJMAX RESPECT, the PlayStation 4 hit that has sold millions of copies around the world, is going to be receiving a massive new DLC on October 11th.

Players will remember TECHNIKA, one of the DJMAX TECHNIKA series of games. Originally launched in 2010 as an arcade game, the catchy tunes immediately grabbed people’s attention. On October 11th, DJMAX RESPECT players can own the entirety of that legendary soundtrack. All twenty-three tracks from the arcade classic are included as well as an original new song called End of Mythology.

But wait! There’s more! Players will also receive a number of new Gear items, Note Skins, UI Skins, and Plates as well as have the opportunity to head out on a dozen all-new missions.

The TECHNIKA 2 MUSIC PACK will be available in the PlayStation Store around the world starting on October 11th for $19.99.

Developed by Rocky Studio, and published by Neowiz on PlayStation 4, RESPECT represents the culmination of every past DJMAX release. All classic songs are completely remastered, running at 1080p with 60FPS gameplay. DJMAX RESPECT has support for local and online multiplayer via PlayStation Network. The achievement system, leaderboards, and collections are more robust than ever with three unique ways to track your progress among players worldwide.

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