Take a look at the world of Borderlands 3 with Claptrap!

Ah, Claptrap. Everyone’s favourite funny/upsetting/frustrating trashcan/robot from the Borderlands series. In the leadup to Borderlands 3‘s September 13 launch, Gearbox and 2K are throwing out a fun video series featuring Claptrap as a sort of David Attenborough-esque nature guide to some of the environments you’ll be visiting ingame. Check it out below:

But that’s not all! More videos are slated to appear on the Borderlands Youtube channel featuring all kinds of fun, crazy content. We’re being promised new trailers, special one-offs, character profiles for all the new vault hunters and loads more!

Really, we’re just being spoiled here, though hopefully this also means we’ll be finding a little more information about the newer planets and environments some time soon! In the meantime, there’s always the fresh new DLC for Borderlands 2, Commander Lilith & The Fight For Sanctuary to sink your teeth into while you wait!

So stay tuned, Vault Hunters!

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