Nintendo Switch overtakes the SNES with 52 million units sold.

Nintendo delivered this quarter with a huge holiday season, selling over 10 million units, reaching 52.48 million units being sold as of the end of 2019. This means for the Switch that it has become Nintendo’s third best-selling home console of all time, sitting behind the Wii and the NES. This also puts it as the 6th all-time selling handheld game console, sitting behind the Nintendo 3DS at 75.45 million units sold.

Nintendo can pin this down to the huge hit that Pokemon Sword and Shield were over the holiday season, selling more than 16 million copies alone. Luigi’s Mansion 3 was another huge hit for Nintendo, moving another 5 million copies for the company over the holiday season.

Consumers can only assume that the huge sales can also be attributed with the cheaper Switch Lite that launched in China last December, with over 5 million Switch Lite sales!

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The Switch has achieved this amazing feat in only 3 years, passing the Nintendo veteran, the SNES, which released in 1990 in Japan and 1991 in North America.

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