Is the Nintendo Switch Lite even worth it?

So, the newest system in the Nintendo Switch line has been released in Australia, and to me, it feels like the 2DS all over again… but thats just my opinion. Here are my reasons on why the newest Nintendo Switch Lite is not worth it but also why it could be worth it for some.

Let’s start with the positives, hey?

It’s simply cheaper!

Yes, I agree, it IS cheaper, but at what cost? Currently, the Nintendo Switch Lite is priced at a cruisy standard retail price of $329.95, but have been seen to go as cheap at $280 at competing stores around the country. Comparing to the price of a brand new New 3DS, it costs $80 – $110 more. And I mean, if that’s what you want it for, as a successor to the 3DS, go for it. For the system specs that the Switch Lite has, and the games that it is capable of, such as Super Smash Bros and Skyrim, it is worth saving the extra $100.

For a lot of people who have bought the Switch Lit, it actually feels more comfortable and sturdier than the original Switch system.

For what it is, it’s great.

Touching on this briefly above, for what the Lite does, it is fantastic. If you just want to use it on your daily commute to school or to work then this is great. The switch lite allows you to do just that without the worry of the dual controllers, extra dpad switches or a flimsy system when holding at the controllers (Yes this is a real problem, and yes I speak from experience). The system is also around 115g lighter, making the commute easier in the weight sense too, the battery life is longer (compared to the older switch systems) and the screen is smaller for the trips.

For a lot of people Nintendo is targeting with their games nowadays, this will be their first console, and that is awesome! The switch is a fantastic console and is probably one of my favourites to use on the go and at home, but this ties into my next point and some of the negatives that stand out for me.

It doesn’t even ‘switch’!

So something that we all loved and thought was so unique about the Nintendo Switch upon release was the ability to seamlessly transfer our game from a handheld device to a full home console. The lite doesn’t even do this. I feel like by calling it a ‘Switch’ is not really saying what it is. It is more a successor to the New 3DS or 2DS or even the PS Vita than an alternative to the Switch. The lack of compatibility with the JoyCons also make customizability impossible unless you buy an aftermarket skin or paint for the console itself.

The battery life and game compatibility worry me

I said before that the battery life was longer than the original models (models starting with serial XAW), which was 2.5-6.5 hours. But compared to the newer models it is around 2.5 hours on average lower, meaning that the game time will be less for those on long flights without access to a charger.

Specs-wise, this console has the same Processor/GPU, the NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor, but the screen on the lite is a 5.5″ (1280×720) LCD Screen, compared to the original Switch at 6.2″ (1280×720) LCD Screen. Making the switch 30% lighter than the original. The system size, in total, is H: 91.1mm x L: 208mm x D: 13.9mm compared to the original switches H: 102mm x L: 239mm x D: 13.9mm (with Joy-Con attached). For the average gamer, the specs will not change in their eyes, but the smaller screen mixed with not even being able to play on the big screen leaves me worried about my experience playing.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The games you can play on a Switch Lite are mostly the same as on the original Switch, except for a few minor, but key differences. The Switch Lite lacks built-in support for non-handheld games, though there aren’t many, there are some. You could work around this through wireless controllers but thats spending extra cash on a budget version of the Switch. The System does not include HD Rumble or IR Motion Camera.

So, is it worth it?

Look… at the end of the day, it is completely up to how you use it to decide if it is worth it for you or not. If you are constantly travelling and have no desire to customize or ‘switch’ your lite into the home console/dock mode, then, by all means, go for it, this is perfect for you. Are you trying to save up for something important, but really want a switch? This could be good for you if you really don’t want the features that make the Switch a Switch.

This is not good if you are a home gamer, or if you want to play with friends on tabletop mode, or wanting to use the switch to its full capabilities with games expanding out of handheld mode. The original Switch is only around $140 extra if you are buying brand new on SRP. I’m going to stick to my original switch, but maybe someone can change my mind.

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