Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse Hands On

The Swiftpoint Z is a gaming mouse that ticks all the boxes! Even boxes you didn’t know existed. Here’s what I thought about it.

Kiwi Ingenuity

New Zealand is small! We’re a drop in the bucket when it comes to the worldwide population. But, holy hell do we make up with that in innovation.
Growing up a Kiwi, the number 8 wire mentality has been drummed into me. Find solutions to problems and think outside the square. Whenever a Kiwi company comes up with something extremely innovative I get a knot in my throat and my patriotism takes over. I have to tell everyone about it.
Swiftpoint, you guessed it, a New Zealand company, has revolutionised PC gaming with their new mouse the Z!


Swiftpoint originally launched the Z as a Kickstarter which went pretty well. Their goal for the Z was $140,000 and by the end of the Kickstarter over $500,000 was pledged!
This response not only got cash-in-hand for creating the commercial product but also proved there was a need for this product in the market.


So, how does it differ from all the other mice on the market and why should you buy this rather than your favourite brand’s RBG everything mouse that has just come out? FEATURES! So many little things make this mouse stand out from the crowd.

All of the buttons!

With 50 button actions available and all of these available to be mapped to whatever you want them to be mapped to using the Swiftpoint Z driver software, you will be overwhelmed with options.
The Z has been purposefully designed to be extremely easy to use, so you won’t need to be a contortionist to hit that melee button you’ve mapped out.
The coolest thing about button layout is that your fore and middle fingers have five button actions each without moving your palm at all (not including the 2 side buttons and the mouse wheel). Normal mouse click (1) and deep click (2) are accessible where a normal mouse button would be, the fingertip button (3) and deep click fingertip button (4) requires you to move your fingertip closer to your palm and the trigger buttons (5) are pressed by straightening out your finger and pressing down with the meat of it (if you have any).
You will probably want to leave left and right mouse clicks mapped like a normal mouse but everything else is up for grabs! Quick access to your inventory? Melee for those close encounters? Zoom in while sniping? Something mundane as hell like volume up and down? The possibilities really are endless!


If this is your first introduction to the Swiftpoint Z, you are most likely wondering what’s with the name? Most mice only travel on the X-Y plane, (you know where this is going but I’ll spell it out for you anyway) the Swiftpoint Z explores X, Y and Z. With a gyroscope and an accelerometer, the Z has you covered not just on your desk, but above and below your desk too!
I’m generally really rubbish at handling battles in the air on any game but especially in Battlefield. If I hop into a plane you know that it is a wasted vehicle spawn, not anymore! I took 30 seconds to map the mouse tilting on X and Y axis to pitch and roll leaving yaw mapped to A and D keyboard buttons and I discovered MLG mode.
You can either click the mouse into the magnetised ‘Flight Extender’ accessory or you can just hold it above your mouse mat. It was like unlocking part of my brain that has been lying dormant. I am now a flying god, raining death and destruction from above. Just try and stop me!

Next Level PUBG!

Another beastly application of the tilt functionality of the mouse is in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. You can map leaning left and right to left and right tilts. You won’t believe how handy this is! I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the Swiftpoint Z gets banned from competitive play around the world because you get a real advantage from what you can do with this mouse.

Looks and Feel

Not only does the mouse perform well with its 12,000 DPI gaming grade sensor, myriad of buttons and game-changing Z axis functionality, it looks and feels great in the hand too! OLED screen anyone? Personal message telling your sibling/flatmate/spouse to keep their ‘Hands off!’, show current DPI, profile (yep you can have multiple keybinding profiles and they’re really easy to change between) or just the classic animated Swiftpoint cube, it’s pretty cool!
If you’re the sort of person that has to have an RGB in everything gaming related you own then Swiftpoint have you covered here too! The Swiftpoint Z logo is RBG backlit allowing fully customisable colours or a very cool ‘Hue Rotation’.
I have normal man-sized hands and the Swiftpoint Z feels great in my right mitt. Everything sits perfectly like this mouse was made specifically for me. My wife doesn’t like it as much. She finds it a bit big but she’s not a gamer so we can take or leave her opinion. If you do have miniature hands though you might want to find some way of giving this a trial run before you splash out.
For me though, I never want to stop holding this. It takes a lot of mental power to not take it with me when I jump off the PC for the night.

Final Thoughts

The Swiftpoint Z is a mouse like no other! It is gaming perfection. With so many customisation options, outstanding performance and comfort levels through the roof this mouse really does have it all. If you are serious about getting ahead of the game you need this in your life, right now!
To check out more detailed specs and where to order this marvel of modern gaming peripherals head to the Swiftpoint website here:
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