How to survive PAX Aus 2018: goto.game style

PAX Aus 2018 is almost upon us! Will this year be your first time? Did you experience PAX Pox for the first time last year or prior years? How exactly do you do PAX? We answer all these questions and more (goto.game style) below!

Wear comfy walking shoes ????

I just came back from a walking-packed trip to Japan earlier this month (on average 18,000 steps a day). I was one of those silly people who didn’t bring the right shoes. My feet were dying by Day 3.

As soon as I bought comfy shoes, I could walk for hours. Be a friend to your feet this weekend. They’ll thank you next week.

Grab a map ????

When you pick up your badge, you’ll lightly get a print map. If you lose that, you can download it from the PAX website here!

The convention centre is huuuuuge. So, having a map on hand to find the Kookaburra Theatre, the PAX Arena or any other booth is handy ✌

Stay hydrated: drink water! ????

If you’re bringing your energy into a 3-day event like PAX, the most important thing is hydration! Keep a bottle handy on you. You’ll save time looking for a vendor to buy water from!

Bring plenty of chargers and cables with you ????

Whether you’re bringing your 3DS, Switch, phone, tablet, etc. it’s a good idea to get your gear all sorted. Last year, I was (of course) doing coverage for goto.game so had this gear packed into a comfy backpack:

Make sure you have space on your camera or phone ????

This is a good follow up to the first tip and the previous tip. So, (here comes another Japan story) I was silly in Japan again and ran out of space on my phone. I barely had enough hotel WiFi to transfer everything from my phone to a cloud backup. Boy, that took forever.

TL;DR – Make sure you’ve got a few gigs free on whatever photo-taking device you’re going to use! You’ll avoid scrambling to make space over the weekend.

Note down the events/panels you want to go to ✍

Personally, I’ve actually put everything into my Google Calendar this year. But, a written note should do. Write down the name, the time and the place of the panel, competition, etc. you want to go to. That way, you won’t be struggling to find that one panel on Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies panel (yes, that’s a panel!) you really wanted to go to.

Power user tip:

  1. Download the PAX App for iOS or Android
  2. Open the main menu
  3. Tap Schedule
  4. Hit the + sign next to the event or panel you’re interested in
  5. Hit My Schedule and see everything you’ve added!

Screenshot of PAX App for iOS with view of My Schedule page

Most importantly… have fun! It’s PAX Aus 2018! ????‍♀️

It’s going to be an amazing weekend surrounded by your fellow gamers, fans and nerds. Soak it in, enjoy yourself and make the most of it ????

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