SUPER.COM Announce $50 Million Investment Fund to Support Unreal Engine Projects

SUPER.COM, a $50 million fund specializing in investments in interactive entertainment projects and companies, has announced a new initiative that will see it focus support on developers using the Unreal Engine. new initiative is open to all talented UE4 developers; the fund will provide financial support to enable studios to grow and thrive, and, where needed, cover the cost of a custom Unreal license which unlocks direct technical support and provides a reduced royalty for the engine.
SUPER.COM is eager to collaborate with video game projects tailored for any platform. It can work with new studios as a seed investor with enormous experience and expertise in the games industry and function as a venture capital fund for companies with a mature business strategy.

 “We’re excited to be providing this support to the Unreal community and helping to bring more great games to market. We look forward to working with the team at Epic Games; to identify relevant projects and help fast track growth and success.

We started out developing and publishing games ourselves; so we’re very familiar with the problems and challenges faced by any game studio. We’ve done it all, from designing original game concepts to distributing finished products, so we know the challenges developers face and how to tackle these hurdles. SUPER.COM will give the developers of games powered by the Unreal Engine an opportunity to concentrate on crafting amazing new games”.

SaidDirector of Investments and Publishing at SUPER.COM, Anna Grigoryeva

“It’s great that successful entrepreneurial companies like SUPER.COM can see the tremendous commercial potential that resides within the Unreal development community. Providing access to these kinds of nurturing funds; that can help guide developers through the potential pitfalls and triumphs of publishing; is an essential part of the service we’re providing UE4 developers,”

commented Mike Gamble, Head of Games Licensing EMEA, Epic Games.