Feel the Bern with Super Bernie World


This isn’t America and we may not have to directly suffer through their politics, but, no doubt what happens over there still affects us. And, of course, what would a good political race be without the power and magic of free political games that are cute and somewhat nonsensical.

Enter Game Devs for Bernie, a collective of 8 game developers with over 50 years of experience between them, and published by Kitsune Games. While not an officially endorsed group of Bernie supporters, they’re still extremely passionate and have put together Super Bernie World as a free offering to fellow Bernie supporters. And detractors. And anyone, really, because it’s free on the internet.

The game is, as you can probably infer from the title, a Super Mario World clone. You do Mario type things like running, jumping and implementing better healthcare for all Americans (well, we assume Bernie gets to that part somewhere in between all the platforming).

It’s up to Bernie to take on MAGAmbas, Mitch Troopas, ICE Bullets and Tiki Torches, a wide range of truly terrible, dastardly opponents, that Bernie can defeat through acquiring power-ups like his beloved Vermont cheddar cheese, which causes him to grow larger and more powerful than ever, red roses to throw at enemies, Tuxedo Mask style, and of course, invincibility led by the charge of his heartening rally cry, “Not Me, Us.”

In practice, it is, like I said, just a Super Mario World clone. Not exactly, of course, it has its own unique art assets, chiptune soundtrack and level design which is all extraordinarily cute. It serves its purpose as a fun, free little pro-Bernie game.

Emma Maassen, President of Kitsune Games, released the following statement:

“We wanted to do our part and educate people about what a Bernie Sanders presidency could do for our nation, and as game developers, this seemed the natural way for us to do it. We feel his policies are the best way forward for not just us, but our communities including LGBTQ+ and other marginalized groups. Accessible health care, living wages, less student debt and fighting climate change are critical to increased quality of life for us all.”
So what are you waiting for? You can Feel The Bern, right now, for free! Either from Steam or in your browser at!
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