Streamlabs team with Razer for live chrome interactions!

Do you love streaming? Do you love Razer Chroma? If yes to both is your answer, you are going to LOVE the new update from Streamlabs.

“You can now light up the streamer’s Razer keyboard and mouse with the brand new @Razer integration.”
Even though, is most cases you cannot see a streamers keyboard and mouse, this is still pretty awesome. Having this integrated into a stream is going to add just that little bit of extra fun.
It is super easy to add, all you have to do is make sure you have Razer Synapse installed and loaded up with your Razer mouse and keyboard.

Go into Streamlabs > Integrations

Then go to Razer Chroma and click ‘Enable’

There are some settings that go along with this. You can enable Donations, Subscriptions and Cheers (Hopefully Streamlabs will be updating this to have hosting, followers etc in the future)
You can also change the colour your keyboard and mouse will change to based on which alert happens. This is very easily done from the settings section.

That is pretty much it. Super simple to add to your stream, if you are using streamlabs.

This may seem like a gimmick but who cares, if this even just adds the slightest bit of fun to a stream, why not. After all, it is super simple to do and if you already have Razer products, why not!


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