Steam’s new privacy settings lead to the shutdown of Steam Spy

Steam Spy, created by Sergey Galyonkin, is a stats service that automatically gathers data from Steam user profiles. The website analyzes profiles and displays this information on their website. Steams new privacy changes have caused the #1 Steam data website to close.

How does this impact Steam Spy?

Steam Spy scans public accounts for playtime and ownership of games and displays this on their website.
Steam’s new privacy update has implemented a new feature that allows you to control how the public sees your information such as achievements and playtime as well as making steam game libraries hidden by default.  This small update has a huge impact on Steam Spy and other tracking services as they no longer have the access to the main source of data they need to display on their site.

Steams Privacy Update

Today’s Steam update will give more control over the privacy of your Steam account. You will now have a more detailed description of what profile information is included for each category, you will be able to manage how your friends and wider Steam Community view your profile.
You can now choose who is able to view your “game details” on your profile; such as your playtime (and total game playtime), list of games purchased, achievements and playtime. You will also be able to control whether you are seen as “in-game” as well as what game title you are playing.
Steam is also introducing a new “invisible” mode, which will go alongside the already existing “online”, “away” and “offline”. This new “invisible” setting will allow you to appear offline, yet be able to see your friends list as well as send and receive messages.

Hopefully, we will see an update or an official statement from steam regarding Steam Spy in the near future.

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