Square Enix announces a Secret of Mana remake due 15th February 2018

Secret of Mana HD is coming in 2018 to bring new life to a classic story and RPG. There’s so much here to be keen for!
According to the pre-order page on the Square Enix site, the remake is going to be fully 3D with “a newly arranged musical score, and voiced characters”. The pre-order pricing is $39.99USD and pre-orders come with a wallpaper as well as DLC costumes (Moogle and Tiger costumes):

The remake will be available for PS4, PS Vita and Steam.
Here are some screenshots of the game courtesy of

The game was first released in 1993 so this means its release in 2018 will mark the game’s 25th anniversary. Hopefully, the 25th anniversary will be celebrated with more stuff from Square Enix in addition to this remake of a classic.
Check out the announcement trailer here: